Socially Responsible Marketing

MPI LED Reflective Armband 1Promotional merchandise can serve a number of important purposes. In an era of more socially-responsible marketing, Promotional Products have a unique advantage over traditional forms of media: they cannot only make you aware of certain positive behaviors and practices, but can actually play an active role in putting them into practice.  A great example of this is promotional items geared towards pedestrian and cyclist safety. While radio, television, print, and web-based mediums can certainly convey the message that being visible is one of the most important factors in ensuring ones safety as a pedestrian or cyclist, only promotional products can actually help you achieve that goal as well. Incorporating well thought-out, promotional merchandise into safety related campaigns can be a very cost-effective way to generate measurable results.

Blue Planet Marketing excels at helping corporate clients engage in socially responsible marketing practices and initiatives by sourcing and creating  Branded Merchandise and Promotional Products that fit these parameters. Whether your project be small or large, contact us today and let us show you how we can help you.

About Rob Knight

Rob Knight is the owner and president of Blue Planet Marketing. When he is not out trying to rock the world with exciting new promotional ideas he enjoys spending time with his family, playing in a super-hip retro band, and watching and participating in sports. He is also an avid reader and self-confessed news and politics junkie.

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