Multi Purpose = Increased Promotional Value

One of the keys to a successful promotional item is what I like to call “The Useful Factor”. This translates, very simply, into how useful a given product is to the intended audience. Unfortunately, the Promotional Products Industry is full or products that stand little chance of ever being used by the recipients. They wind up in a drawer, or sometimes go directly into the trash, but, in either case, your promotional dollars are wasted. Products that are not used do not expose your brand or advertising message to your customer, and the certainly do not generate good will. sg-64mlThe good news is that Promotional Products do not need to be expensive to be useful. They do, however, need to be well thought out, with consideration being given to as much available demographic information as is available for your audience. Sometimes, there is a great new idea that will mesh perfectly with your budget and your goals. or, other times, it might simply be a question of tweaking a product that has been around for a while to increase it’s “Useful Factor”. The video link for the Second Pair Multi Lens Sunglasses Pack is a great example of one such item., turning a “veteran” product into an exciting new vehicle for your brand.


About Rob Knight

Rob Knight is the owner and president of Blue Planet Marketing. When he is not out trying to rock the world with exciting new promotional ideas he enjoys spending time with his family, playing in a super-hip retro band, and watching and participating in sports. He is also an avid reader and self-confessed news and politics junkie.

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