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Custom USB Drives can serve as an effective, yet functional, marketing tool. Available in a wide range of memory sizes, our designers can take your logo, mascot, or image, and transform it into a highly detailed USB Drive. For added effectiveness, upload your own content, such as PDF catalogues, media files, or website links. Minimum orders start as low as 100 units, with turnaround time of 30 days or less.





Blue Planet Marketing features it’s own, exclusive line of rugged, indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speakers. These compact 10W units deliver amazing sound quality, and unparalleled value compared to other promotional Bluetooth speakers available in the marketplace. Your logo or brand is permanently affixed via an epoxy dome process, which offers exceptional detail, while also protecting the imprint for the life of the product. Complete with a gift box and three year warranty, this is the gift for employee recognition, tournament prizes, or to thank the clients who have made your success possible. Contact us today to see, and hear, a sample of this amazing product. You will not be disappointed.




TC_subs_blackImagine an entire t-shirt as a blank canvas, completely free for you to create an image that supports your corporate logo, brand, message, or special event. Made from hi-tech, wicking, performance fibers, our Planet Active T’s will actually be worn, again and again by those who receive them, ensuring ongoing exposure for your advertising message. Available in Men’s, Ladies and Youth sizes, with minimum orders as low as 12 pieces. Not sure you have the creative juice to create your own garment? Not a problem: Our brilliant design team will be more than happy to come up with some ideas for you. Contact us today for more details.









Power banks are the new black! By far the most popular, and useful, promotional item of the past year. With so many mobile devices in use today, there are many occasions when recharging via a wall or auto outlet is not an option. Fear not though: Blue Planet Marketing brings you Promotional Power Banks to save the day. Available in a huge range of capacity, from the basic 2200 mAh model, up to those that can power a small city, (Okay, we are just making that last one up.) our power banks offer an excellent combination of form, function and branding opportunity. Contact us today to try out one of our samples and see for yourself the amazing utility of this exciting product.







Promote your brand or message with this retro-chic Vintage Weekender Bag. Perfect for overnight getaways, carry-on luggage, or a trip to the gym, this super-hip duffel will help you say it with style. The large zippered front pocket provides an excellent surface for your logo and message. Like the idea, but want to make it your own? Not a problem. Ask us how we can help you create your own duffel or tote bag, complete with custom trim colors, zipper-pulls, hangtags and more. For further information on this product, click the link to check out a short video from the manufacturer. Vintage Weekender Bag Video

lg_10365_37Bluetooth Headphones make a great gift for a variety of promotional situations. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, they will appeal to almost any age and carry a high perceived value. New “TruColor” Digital Imprint Technology allows for excellent reproduction of any logo, including full color images. As with all Blue Planet Marketing products, they come with our “100% Satisfaction Guarantee”. Call us today to see and hear a sample of these quality headphones, and pump up the “Wow” factor on your next promotional gifting event.




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