Blue Planet Hand Sanitizer

As you are certainly aware, Hand Sanitizer has become one of the most sought-after commodities during the current pandemic crisis. Unfortunately, supply is still very limited and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

Blue Planet Marketing would like to help our clients be part of the solution. We have partnered with a major cosmetics manufacturer to produce custom-branded bottles of hand sanitizer. They will include your logo and promotional copy printed on the front label in up to full digital color. The minimum order is 1,000 units.

Blue Planet Hand Sanitizer is Health Canada approved and made from 70% Food-Grade, USP Ethyl Alcohol Based Gel. It conforms to ISO Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics, ISO Standard 22716.

In order to keep the cost of this product affordable for everyone we will be placing a combined order with the factory every 30 days. Anticipated delivery will be 60 days from the date your order is placed.

Life will eventually start to return to normal, but there will be more of an emphasis placed on social hygiene. Providing free hand sanitizer at special events, trade shows, and retail or office locations will demonstrate good corporate citizenship by keeping customers, employees and co-workers safe and healthy. In these very uncertain times this is an opportunity to step up and be part of the solution. 

For further information, current pricing, and details on how to place an order, please call us today @ (204) 504-5422, or contact us via e-mail:

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