Sustainable Materials

Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

As the scope of branded merchandise products has increased, so to has the availability of products that offer recycled or recyclable content. Materials made from natural wood, corn starch based plastic, bamboo fibers, and many other sustainable options are now commonplace, offering marketers the opportunity to incorporate socially responsible promotional…

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Show Your Appreciation


Fall is traditionally a time in the Promotional Products Industry when the focus turns to saying thanks: to employees, to clients, to business associates, and all those who, in some way, contribute to our success. Traditional gifts included hams, turkeys, cheese, wine, liquor and chocolates. Over time new, innovative decorating…

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Socially Responsible Marketing

MPI LED Reflective Armband 1

Promotional merchandise can serve a number of important purposes. In an era of more socially-responsible marketing, Promotional Products have a unique advantage over traditional forms of media: they cannot only make you aware of certain positive behaviors and practices, but can actually play an active role in putting them into…

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